Veggie Cage

How it works

Revolutionary new Veggie Cage , attaches to any tomato stake you might be using. Designed to make supporting tall plants & vines quick & easy. The Veggie Cage is so superior to flimsy wire vegetable cages that you’ll never use the wire cages again. Durable, attractive and space-saving, the Veggie Cage will support all your vining & support-loving plants beautifully.

The Veggie Cage is entirely different from the standard wire vegetable cages that most people are familiar with, and they work in a completely unique way.

This revolutionary Veggie Cage expands to a whopping 7 feet high and still easily manages the weight of tomato, vegetable or flower plants.

It is a vegetable support that requires no tying and can be securely fastened to a stake so that it won’t blow over in a storm. It collapses flat, requiring virtually no storage room in the off-season.

Right out of the box, the Veggie Cage appears to be very flexible. But don’t let the flexibility of the Veggie Cage fool you. The ingenious design of the Veggie Cage allows it to work by holding up the plant and all those tomatoes side-to-side instead of up-and-down. If you were to slide your forearms up inside the Veggie Cage rings and press outward, you’d see how rigid the coils suddenly become. This is exactly how this vegetable cage works in your garden.

The main branches of the tomato plant lean out against the inside of the rings, and the Veggie Cage becomes “one” with the plant. What’s more, the flexibility of the empty Veggie Cage allows it to be stored nearly flat at the end of the season. You need only to flip it upside-down to relax it back into its flat shape for extremely compact storage. For further instruction, checkout this helpful video.

As your young plants begin to grow, you’ll want to give them a little “guidance” by tucking the main branches into the coils as soon as they are tall enough to reach them. Thereafter, you should take a look at your plants about once each week, to make sure that none of the branches are growing outside of the Veggie Cage rings. Any loose branches should simply be tucked inside the nearest coil. As the plant gets taller and fuller, you will need to do this less and less.

Key Tips

Snow Peas
Grow a row of snow peas using the Veggie Cage and you’ll never again grow them any other way! Install 2, 3 or more Veggie Cages close enough that the bottom rings are almost touching, then sow your seeds all around both the inside and outside of the ring, just slightly thicker than you normally would. Within a few weeks, you’ll have a virtual tower of snow peas, compact, upright, and extraordinarily easy to pick.