Exciting Tomato Ring Testimonials & Reviews

“I have recently started using the veggiecage and the tomato rings and have found them to be a time saving alternative to the traditional stake and tie method or setting up trellis etc. I’m using the veggiecage to grow cucumbers and zucchini and the tomato rings for my tomatoes At the moment the cucumbers and zucchini haven’t reached any size yet so I can’t provide too much feedback other than to say that the plants are contained perfectly inside and have started to attach themselves to the cage….time will tell if they stand up with the weight. On the other hand the tomato rings are supporting the plants without the need to constantly tie (looking for a piece of fabric etc.) them back to the stake as they grow. They also give the plants plenty of air and don’t restrict them in any way. With regard to the cost, I’m in Australia and thought the product represented great value for money – even though the cost of freighting them here was more the total cost of the goods. I’ve also given both products to other gardening friends, who are really impressed with how they work.” – Jenny

“I love them so much, I plan to give some as Christmas gifts this year to my fellow gardening friends.”

“I’ll take them, all 15!! I don’t care if they are purple, I’ll take them all. (Can you tell, I’m crazy about them!).”

“How I wish I had invented this product, it’s a true winner and everyone I’ve recommended it to is thrilled with it.” -Kim

“This is my first season using the original tomato ring and I am satisfied so far. I think the idea of making the oval tomato ring is an awesome idea, in fact I had already been thinking that would be a great improvement to an already great product to add additional capacity. I believe I could grow a giant of a tomato plant using your new product. While I am satisfied with the original, I would have gone ahead and waited an extra 8 weeks to order the newer oval tomato rings had I known they would be available.” -Matt

“I’m looking forward to using the Tomato Rings. I do hate those usual metal cages that bend and collapse…not worth a dime! The rings look very promising. ”

“The tomato ring is supported by half inch diameter rebar. Rings can be added as the plant grows, and at first look appears to be the best support that i have encountered, with minimum effort required. A ring was placed on each of the 21 tomato plants. This is the first year using this type of support. I have used all systems over the years, and all had various deficiencies.”

“5 stars. Outstanding Product! I recieved my tomato rings just the other day. I can’t wait till my tomato plants get large enough to put these babies to use. I start my plants indoors usually in February and they are tiny now but look out in July. Normally I fight with my tomato plants all growing season long but this year I am certain it is not going to happen. As the plants get large and the tomatoes add weight to the plant I will not be out there fighting to keep them off the ground this year. All I have to do is simply raise my tomato ring up and tada my plant is fully supported. These babies are made well and the product was well thought out. I know I will have many years of service from my tomato rings. Thanks Tomato Ring Person!”

“5 stars. Great Product! These work great; so easy to adjust.” -newkem