Tomato Ring


We’re gardeners, too! And like so many people who love to garden, we love growing tomatoes. What we don’t love is the work it takes to keep our tomato plants properly supported. Traditional tomato cages are bulky and difficult to store off-season, not to mention unattractive. Why shouldn’t a vegetable garden be as pretty as a flower garden? Tomato stakes are more pleasing to the eye, but the hassle of keeping them tied (and retied) launched us on a mission to come up with something so much better – the Tomato Ring! It’s like having a “tomato cage on a stake”. The Tomato Ring is everything a gardener would need in a solid tomato support.


For all of its genius, the Tomato Ring is beautifully simple. Every Tomato Ring Plant Support has essentially 3 parts: an oval ring which will surround your tomato plant; an attached clamp with a square opening to accommodate a variety of plant support stakes (round or square, up to 1-3/4” in diameter); and a screw that secures the Tomato Ring to your choice of support stake.


What makes the Tomato Ring so durable are the materials from which it is made.

The oval ring, permanently attached to the plastic clamp, is done in galvanized spring steel, which holds its shape and resists rust.

The clamp and its accompanying screw are fashioned from a material called homopolypropylene, a remarkably UV-resistant plastic which allows the Tomato Rings to stand up to the elements. While we do recommend that our customers take down their support stakes and store their Tomato Rings for the winter, the truth is that sometimes here in our own test garden…we don’t.

If the summer is long and the vegetables keep coming until late September, there are inevitably a number of Tomato Rings that get left out in the garden. And in the spring, when we take them down, we cannot tell them apart from the Tomato Rings that spent the cold winter months cozy in the potting shed. They are all just like the first season we used them, albeit a bit dustier. A quick rinse and they’re ready to go.


And since we mentioned storing your Tomato Rings, we cannot neglect to mention that the amount of space needed to house your off-duty Rings is ridiculously small. In our test garden last year, we used enough Tomato Rings to support about 65 tomato plants and 60-plus peppers and eggplants. And all of those plant supports were stored in 2 large flexible garden tubs and 1 three-foot tall collapsible leaf collector. Try doing that with traditional wire tomato cages. (For tips on how many Tomato Rings you’ll need for which type of plant, see “Tips for Use”.)


The Tomato Ring’s ability to keep plants growing horizontally makes it one of the best garden accessories you’ll use in your own garden. Growing up rather than out allows gardeners with limited amount of garden space to grow plants that would otherwise need a larger plot. The Tomato Ring supports more than just tomatoes. Try using one or two to keep pepper plants, eggplants and even zucchini growing neat and tidy.