Tomato Cages
Tired of those old, rusty, bent-up tomato cages you have to use most of your tool storage to keep them in when they’re not being used? So are a lot of other gardeners. That’s why created their flagship product, the Tomato Ring. 
The Tomato Ring was designed to support your tomato plants just like a tomato cage would with maximum durability but with none of the problems that come with using and storing those bulky tomato cages. The Tomato Ring is unlike anything else you’ve seen on the market because it's adaptable, adjustable, small, and durable. Build to last for many seasons of growing, the Tomato Ring is crafted of galvanized spring steel and homopolypropylene for superior UV-resistance in the garden, even if you should happen to forget to bring them in during the winter.
Tomato cages are a pain to use and they can make a beautiful natural looking garden look like a workshop. In contrast, the Tomato Ring has a simple design that gardeners appreciate.The clamping mechanism holds strong and showcases more of the plants in your vegetable garden.
Best of all, you can use the Tomato Ring with your choice of either a round or a square stake, so you won’t have to dispose of stakes you may already be using. The Tomato Ring support is made of an oval ring which supports your tomato plant, as well as an attached clamp with an opening that accommodates a variety of stake options up to 1 3/4 inches, and the screw that will firmly attach your Tomato Ring to your choice of stake.
This tomato cage alternative is sold in sets of six which can support several unruley plant. The rings easily manage the weight of your tomato plants or other heavier vegetable plants but can also be used to guide vines like pea plants. You’ll never have to worry about tying up your plants to the Tomato Ring or finding room to store the stack of tomato cages again.