Make your own planter
garden_planterPlanters do not have to be expensive, and they can be made out of anything – a trash can, cinder blocks, tires, pallets, and more! Here are some ideas on how to repurpose or salvage old items into attractive plant containers. Add some drainage holes when you need to, fill with potting soil and the plant of your choice, and you’ve got a smart, decorative addition to your garden area!

Pallet garden
Pallets are great, multifunctional pieces you can use in your garden. As a planter, you can lay it flat or vertically if you’re working with a smaller footprint. Pallets also work great as a trellis for a little plant support. Grow tomatoes in front of a vertically positioned pallet and use our Tomato Ring to keep your tomatoes growing upright (you can also use this setup for sunflowers).

Old wicker basket planters
Do you have an old wicker basket lying around the house? Re-purpose it into a planter for a beautiful touch. With a large enough basket, you could grow a mini garden with a variety of herbs to use in the kitchen! No drainage holes needed – the water should drain out of the wicker basket easily.

Handmade clay planters
With some oven-bake clay you can create a planter in any shape or size with any texture or design you want. Add a little paint to really personalize these planters to suit your garden.

Garbage can planter
With one large garbage can, you can make the perfect planter for your tomatoes – no matter how tall they get! Metal trash cans look great without any paint, but if you’re repurposing a plastic trash can, some outdoor spray paint lets you give it a new look that suits your style. Use a hammer and nail or a drill bit to create holes for drainage at the bottom. Put our Veggie Cage and Tomato Ring into your new planter and you’re ready for those tomatoes to climb!

Recycled cinder block planter
Cinder block planters have a ton of potential. You can arrange the blocks in so many ways – like vertically or as an edge to your existing garden that you can add plants into. Cinder blocks are just the right size for growing herbs or succulents. Add a layer of paint and you can bring color and life to any area of your garden.

Recycled shoes and boots planters
There are many ways to recycle old shoes, sneakers and boots for plant containers. Add some holes in the soles of an old shoe so that the water can drain out. The shoe laces can be used to hang these anywhere. Reusing shoes that your little one has outgrown adds a sentimental feel.

Recycled paint can planter
Recycled or new, paint cans make great planters. Gallon sized cans are what I use. If recycled, just remove the labels. Give them color with outdoor spray paint and you can use painters tape to create fun designs. Use a hammer and nails to pierce the bottom of the can so water can drain out.

Recycled tire planter
A great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle – tires make great planters and they are easy to come by, and usually for free. Check out your local tire or car repairs shops or junk yard for a wide variety to choose from. If you have multiple tires, you can stack them in layers for an attractive cascading look. If you want to paint your tire planter, just degrease it with a household degreaser first

Recycled plastic sand bucket
Most of us have bought those cheap, colorful sand toys on vacation. Just take a hammer and nail to the bottom of the bucket to create drainage holes for water, and these are ready to go.

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