The Ideal Garden Plant Support!

The Tomato Ring is Here!

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Veggie Cage, LLC is the developer and manufacturer of innovative tomato plant support for the garden and horticulture markets. Established in 2003, the company was created with the express purpose of designing products to make it easier for people to participate in one of the world’s most rewarding activities–gardening! Led by its founders, Michel Paille and Robert Sanazaro, the Veggie Cage Company has enjoyed great success with its innovative garden plant supports, for both the home garden enthusiast and professional grower.

Its namesake product, the Veggie Cage, was originally invented by the company’s founders for use in the Paille family’s extensive vegetable garden. There had to be a way, they reasoned, to eliminate the time-consuming and tedious task of tying and retying tomato plants to a stake, without having to resort to using those awkward and unattractive metal cages. In devising the Veggie Cage, they found that the simple green spiral was not only an ideal support for even very robust tomato plants but could be used with a number of other plants and flowers as well. Additionally, the fact that Veggie Cages become nearly invisible in the foliage of mature plants has proven to be a plus.

According to co-founder Rob Sanazaro, this is a feature that has become increasingly important to consumers. “The trend in vegetable gardening,” he says, “has evolved from being simply functional to being both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, home gardeners today enjoy mixing vegetables and flowers, even roses, in the same bed. So, whatever plant support is used must not only do the job but look good doing it!”

In 2008, the Veggie Cage Company began development of a new garden plant support particularly focused toward supporting tomatoes, for both home and commercial applications. This latest product, called the Tomato Ring, was launched for the 2009 season. Like the Veggie Cage, the Tomato Ring excels in ease of use as well as extremely minimal space requirement for off-season storage.

While Veggie Cage, LLC has grown and expanded, it has retained its family-business emphasis on friendly and responsive customer service. We continue to offer only products that are made in the U.S.A. And, of course, one thing will never change: the company’s goal of enhancing the enjoyment of growing vegetables and flowers by simply making it easier.

As your top tomato plant support company or plant support manufacturer, Veggie Cage LLC is committed to offering gardeners the ability to grow taller, healthier veggies, berry bushes, flowering vines and more.